About the Ceylonier

A magazine that aims to promote the Sri lankan culture, flavour and beauty.

The Ceylonier aims to utilise a magazine to promote Sri Lanka. It is very well known that Sri Lanka is the ‘pearl of the Indian ocean’, but in addition to this, Sri Lanka is engaged within a very competitive tourist industry.

Nevertheless, one thing that distinguishes Sri Lanka is our colourful culture. As a result, our magazine will promote the beauty of our island. We aim to collaborate and create a magazine that promotes Sri Lankas local travel and food.


What we offer

Promote your brand with the ceylonier and be a part of something amazing.

Not only will there be promotions on Sri Lankas gorgeous hotels; bank offers to hotels; unique restaurants and our mouth-watering street food vendors but we will also be engaging our remarkable culture by exposing these platforms.

Each organisation displayed in our magazine will have an opportunity to promote their specialities – this can include the background of the organisation, the influential people of the organisation, any main dishes and the skills of the chef.

Rebuild Sri Lanka. Together as One.
The Ceylōnier


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We looks forward to making Sri Lanka a top name in the tourist industry once again with your support, through “The Ceylonier’ magazine which will accentuate the flavours, culture and hidden beauty of Sri Lanka, by promoting your organisation within its pages.